DIY: How to Change Your a golf Carts Headlights

April 19th, 2013 bestturfwest

While a good game of golf depends on the swing and type of clubs, the golf cart plays the part for convenience and comfort. For anyone who has walked 18 holes, you know how physically exhausting it can be. The golf cart is key component to keeping stamina up for the next four hours.

More recently, golf carts are being used in housing developments where residents use carts for transportation off the course. Owners that use golf carts for transportation are to fulfill requirements in order for the cart to be “street legal.” A golf cart that has working headlights and taillights is considered street legal.

Golf cart maintenance can get expensive. The best way to keep costs low and guarantee a fully functioning golf cart, it’s wise for owners to learn how to do some of the work themselves. One such task is changing the carts headlights.

Here’s step by step instructions on how to replace headlamps and lights for your EZ-GO, Yamaha, and Club Car golf carts.

How to Replace a Headlamp:

  • Step #1: Remove the headlight lens screws. Pull the headlamp assembly from the carts frame.
  • Step #2: Unclip the wiring clips that are located at the back of the headlamp. The clips can now be attached to the back of the new headlight.
  • Step #3: Install the light and headlight lens once again and double check to make sure the headlights work.

  • Replacing the Headlight Bulb:

  • Step #1: Remove the lens cover from the headlight, detaching it from either screws or clips.
  • Step #2: Remove the dead bulb from the socket either by pulling or turning. Replace bulb by screwing in the new one.
  • Step #3: Double check that the new bulb is working and replace the lens cover.

  • For any additional information on golf cart parts and accessories, be sure to contact Best Turf West.

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