Different Ways to Customize Your Golf Cart

June 21st, 2013 egreenfield

Golfers have begun to make enhancements to their carts to make them more enjoyable to spend time in while on the green. These adjustments to golf carts cater to the specific needs of the driver and are becoming more and more common on golf courses.


If you can imagine it, it can be done! The golf cart you envision in your mind can easily come to life. From built in coolers and other novelties to neon lighting and stereos – your golf cart will become the talk of the course!


Here are some popular improvements you can add to your golf cart:


Color – Golf carts can be painted any color just like your car. Pink is obviously common amongst women golfers and men are prone to painting theirs the color of their favorite football team.  Graphics can also be added if paint just isn’t giving you enough of the “wow” factor!


Fans – The fan addition is very common among custom golf carts. The installation of a fan allows riders to keep cool in the hot sun while driving from hole to hole.


Speed – The speed of a golf cart is one of the biggest complaints among country club members.  The complaint being that they are quite slow. This can easily be adjusted by altering the motor.


Lights – Lights can easily be installed to your golf cart which will make your night time golf excursions that much easier and enjoyable! Rope lighting and neon lights are also available for a more unique look.

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