Common sport engine oil mistakes revealed

February 19th, 2013 marmstrong

Common sport engine oil mistakes revealed

Owners of sport vehicles, motorcycles, and ATVs are often given recommendations on which type of oil to use at the time of purchase. Specially-formulated engine oils are customized to give the best results in a specific make and model. These oils such as Yamalube are known for giving the most long lasting results.

Common mistakes that motorcycle, boat, and off road vehicle owners make are using the wrong engine oil for their unit. In order to provide the best maintenance and long lasting results, it’s crucial to utilize the engine oil specifically formulated for your unit.  By never cutting corners when it comes to your engine oil you are ensuring that proper maintenance and routines are being executed.

Synthetic oil, while more expensive than natural oils, but will truly go the distance and stand up to wear and tear. Full synthetic oils are worth their cost in the long run in order to be assured better, longer performance. Yamalube offers a wide selection of engine oils in a variety of sizes to accommodate the needs of your unit and budget. These engine oils are available in 2-stroke, full synthetic, mineral, and semi- synthetic.

Some sport vehicle owners make the mistake of putting engine oil in the brake fluid. It’s easy to fix the problem, so long as you notice the mistake quickly. By disconnecting the master cylinder from the brake lines, you can save your vehicle from serious, costly damage. Oil will clog the brake lines and that will be very bad for the performance of the vehicle.

To re-mediate the situation, remove as much of the brake fluid–oil mix as possible. Use a rag to clean out the master cylinder. Run the brake fluid through the brake lines to ensure their cleanliness. If you see that brake fluid is not properly running through the lines, you know you haven’t caught the problem in time. This typically means the brake lines need replacing. This was an expensive lesson to learn.

Another common oil mistake made by those with sport engines is using a different grade of oil, like 10W-30 instead of 5W-30. While it’s not the end of the world, and will probably not create too much of a hassle, you may notice sluggish behavior from the vehicle. Of course, putting the wrong transmission fluid in the transmission is a different story. Say you put Dexron/Mercon in instead of Chrysler ATF+4, you will need to get the fluid changed and transmission flushed immediately as this kind of mistake can ruin your transmission.

The same goes for putting oil in your transmission, or transmission fluid in your brake fluid, or brake fluid in your power steering pump or engine (or any other variation of fluid confusion that may exist). Be sure to get the suspect system flushed and fluid changed quickly. And remember, almost everyone who owns a sport engine vehicle is guilty at some point of committing one or more of these common mistakes. They can make for some costly repairs, but learning from your experiences will be key to not making the same mistake twice. Happy motoring!

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